Thursday, 10 April 2014

Kitchen Smashing

Not literally! ... well, I'm not, the builders are instead. No, this is just smashing our kitchen plans from the store.

My big smash book comes with lots of envelopes, which I just love. But I know me, I'd tuck something into one of them, and then forget what I'd put where. So I smashed the front of the envelope.

I did cut up a few of the extra plans they gave us. To be fair, the company were amazing as I knew what I wanted and they really listened and took note. You can just see behind I've started smashing a page for the bathroom. Need to finish it off before I can share.
There will be more kitchen smash pages to share with you, but I thought I'd get the ball rolling for now.
I also thought I'd share a few photos with you on how the building works are progressing ... the builders are really going full steam ahead and send me photos regularly. So here you are;
Foundations being poured
This is our kitchen and that wall will come down (its to the old bathroom)
I'm photographing Simon from what will be our new bathroom (brings a new meaning to open plan living)
An opening is being made bigger between two rooms

Under the stairs is being opened up too.  

Old Bathroom
What a great find
 Its all so exciting, and I can't wait each week to see what's been changed.  I know things will slow down as to big visual differences, but that's when things like electrics and plumbing take over.  I look forward to sharing more with you soon.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

A little bit of Project Life

Do you ever write yourself a project list, then look at it and laugh? I did that the other day and if I managed to do all the crafty projects I've set myself, I need to live until I'm 110! ... So I suppose I better get started on some of them, then.

Anyway, back to my big love of the moment .. Project Life. I really don't know what it is about it, that I find so fascinating. Maybe its the fact I feel free to experiment, or its a great way to use photos that you wouldn't necessarily scrap 12 x 12 or maybe its just the gorgeous products out there (probably the last), but either way, I'm still hooked by it.  Yes, I'm behind, but its not a big deal, so here are a few catch up pages.

For this week, I played around with typing on the photo before printing ... I still need to practice this technique, I think. 

I did a two page spread with this weeks, as it was Simon's birthday.  I know I'll be doing 12 x 12's for our trip to Harry Potter but it was fun to include them in our PL album too.

I've also printed out a bit from the BBC website about how its been the wettest winter on record this year, so I've included that as well.

And finally valentines week. Again, I've put our cards in the album too.

So that's where I'm up too at the moment. Need to get my act together a bit more as we're going into week 14 next week.  Goodness, where does time go.

Friday, 28 March 2014

ok ... I'm sorry

I've been a dreadful blogger and I'm sorry for that, and I feel bad too that I haven't been doing my rounds of catching up with reading and commenting on blogs. I've missed so much of what's been happening in your lives.

Now, about that, I'd be interested to know how you all manage to comment and read blogs, I worry about falling behind and not being a good blogger friend to you all. So any advice you could give me would be so welcome right now.

So what's been happening with me? Quite a lot actually, and shock horror, I've been crafting, and rather a lot too.  I've been scrapping, working on my Project Life album (bit behind on that), sewing my hexis and of course cleaning up my craft room.

Anyway, I'd like to share some good news with you; we have finally found a builder for the little house. Yes, its been nearly a year since we got planning (still a few niggles to iron out, but nothing dreadful), but its been finding a builder has been so difficult. Still, we've found a gem of one and I'm over the moon. 

For those that don't know; our little house, is our weekend retreat (or will be). It used to be Simon's Nans home and we bought it a few years ago. It literally has the sea at the end of our garden, and we love sitting watching the tide come in and the fishing boats go out. The house has been in the family since the early 1920's and has always had happy memories for all the everyone. Nan, had the most amazing way of making everyone feel at home there, so I'm hoping that continues.

Sadly though, the house has fallen into neglect and although was liveable and we did try to make it our home, it does need a lot of work. So it's going to be pretty much knocked about and bought into the 21st century. The kitchen has been ordered (oh I loved picking the kitchen, soooo much fun), as has the bathroom, and all the furniture as been put into storage, and the builders have already knocked out walls.

So with all this, I'm working on a smash book for all my ideas. The poor builder is always being handed bits of paper with things I've seen on Pinterest, that I'd like, so you can just imagine how he'll feel, when he see's me wandering in with my smash book in hand lol. (and I've gone for a great big A4 size one lol)

So enough of all this waffling, here is the first page of my smash book; I've gone with ideas for our colour scheme, and I'm really enjoying the non structured flow of a smash book ... more to follow.

I promise this blog won't be all about the little house, as I'm going to do its own little blog. I remember reading a blog not so long ago where the blogger had made her blog into a coffee table book. I think something like that would be so much fun at the end of the build. Now just need to find the blog again.

Again thanks for sticking with me, and I'm sorry that I've been a bit flighty with my blog reading and blogging these days.

Friday, 28 February 2014

Project Life 2014

Here we go again. I'm jumping in for a second year of Project Life, and I can't wait.

I'll be honest, starting this years album was difficult. I was of course running behind on my 2013 album when we lost Eddie. And with that, I seemed to lose interest and I don't know, scrapping something that's so heart breaking felt wrong. So I kept putting it off. But enough is enough .... I've started. And I'm glad I did.  So here they are; the first few pages of my 2014 album. I'm hoping to catch up in the next few weeks, but I'm not stressing over it. I have my photos all saved and I've been writing notes each evening; but I think sharing them here on my blog, might just help keep me motivated.

Our title page has our words for 2014 ... I know that Ali Edwards says choose one little word, well, I can't ... I want more :) ... so with that, we picked three. Simon chose the word Efficiency for his word and even has it as our screen saver. We chose FOCUS together, as that's what we want to do from now on, Focus on us and what we want in our lives, and what we want to do.  ACCEPT came from me. I need to stop worrying what others think of me, and accept who I am and stop hiding; if people don't like it, that's not something I can change. I must stop worrying about it.  I also need to accept others more, and let them get on with their lives.

So here we go;

Title page; with our words for 2014 ... Focus, Efficiency and Accept
Week 1

Week 2

Week 3
I'm really looking forward to Project Life this year. I've learnt what works for me, and what doesn't. I'm also hoping to experiment more with my style ... and armed with my positive words ... I'm ready to go.

Friday, 17 January 2014

A Thank You and A Project Life idea

Firstly, I'd just like to say a huge, huge, huge thank you for all the kind and lovely comments left about Eddie. It truly means a lot to have such amazing friends.  Eddie was such an important part of our lives, he really was our baby boy. And we miss him so much, but like I've said before. We were truly blessed to have had him in our lives.

Now onto something that doesn't make me cry!

I adore organisation! ... it's a fact. No getting away with it. I'm happiest when I'm sorting out my craft room or clearing through a draw or something like that. So what I'd like to share with you, is something I'm trying with my Project Life cards.

Now this isn't my idea ... I found it on YouTube ... and you can see the original persons video on her blog here. I love it, and she's incredible talented.  But sometimes finding the right products in the UK isn't always easy.  But I'm happy to say, I've found this beauty, which seems to work quite well.  It was before Christmas and I got it in Hobbycraft and is from a range called Artbin.

At first I used to keep my project life cards in the gorgeous little boxes that they arrive in from Studio Calico - but it just wasn't working for me. I'm really the type that needs to see things in order to use them. When tucked away in pretty boxes, I just forget what I've got.

So when I saw this colour idea, it really appealed to me, and I wondered why I hadn't thought of it before - filing cards as the ROYGBIV, seemed a perfect idea. It is a little time consuming at first, and I worked on the basis of which colour jumped out at me the most on the card. It helped that I had a couple of Becky Higgins mini kits, which have two cards the same, so I used one colour in one section, and the "b" side in another section. Mind you, I didn't have that many cards to fill all those colours, so I came up with what would work for me.

I made and cut the index file cards on my silhouette from Bazzill, so that they were a little stiffer than the PL cards and then labelled them using my trusty label maker. 

My labels are; Red, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Blue/Green, Neutrals, PL Blanks, Ledger, Calendar/Date, Prompts/Fillers, Specialist, Multi, Seasons and Christmas.

And then I've done a separate card called " This months Kit" ... in which surprise, surprise, I'll keep all the bits from Studio Calico's most recent kit and add-on kit. That way, if ever I get around to doing one of their challenges, I'll be able to say I've used it. Plus I'll be able to find everything really quickly.

I actually did a little video showing you this box of goodies on my iphone but can't seem to upload it to blogger. I'll have to have a play with that - mind you, I'm sure I don't really sound like that lol.

I also bought something similar for embellishments, and I'll show you that at a later date. 

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Sweet Dreams little boy

Its through tears I write this post. Yesterday my lovely little world crashed, and we lost our Eddie.

It was all so sudden. One minute I was getting my breakfast in the morning and he was running down the garden chasing a leaf or something, as usual, he then came in and was mooching around looking for a biscuit, and then the next minute he went very still and quiet. Which is so not like him.  He made his way over to his bed and laid down - and then we think had a massive stroke. 

Simon was on his way to work and luckily for me on the train so could turn around and get the next train home. My neighbour helped me carry Eddie to the car and was with me at the Vet while they tried to save him. Back at home I waited for them to ring with news, and then just like that phone call came to say there was nothing they could do and we should go and say good bye.

My darling sweet boy, I miss him so very very much.  He lived life with such passion and at 100 miles an hour. And just like that he was gone.  My heart is broken, but I'm a lucky person for having had him in my life and that he choose to love us.

I remember choosing him at the rescue centre just over 11 years ago - and though he lived with Mum and Dad for 8 or those years, I walked him every day and that's when our mutual love affair started.
After Mum and Dad passed he came to live with us; and although our life was turned upside down by this crazy, happy, muddy dog, we found our rhythm and he fitted so well into our lives.

There is such a big hole now, and for me - I've lost a little of Mum and Dad again, but I know he's running around up there with them now. So for now, sleep tight little boy .... sweet dreams Mummy and Daddy miss and love you.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Jumping in again

Last year was the first time I did Project Life properly.  The year before that, I did my own version in a collage style photo in an A4 album, and enjoyed it so much, I wanted to try the real thing. Well, I have to say .... I LOVED IT! loved it, loved it, loved it.

And I think the furthest I got behind was about 9 weeks; but soon caught up. And its truly an album I love to bits and I got such a buzz when my Mother In Law spent hours just smiling while flicking though and reading everything.

So for 2014, I'm jumping in again.

Now, through my blog reading of late, I've seen lots of great tips being offered. So I thought I'd offer a few of my own, and how certain things helped me last year ..... So in no particular order (goodness, I sound like Bruce on Strictly) ... here we go.

I have a notebook! Of course I do, which crafter doesn't have a million of them. But this one, I keep on my bedside table, and each night I jot a few things down as a memory jog. I put a line down for a margin to keep my date in and each page is a week. I don't use it as a full on diary - but just a note or two of the day, even if nothing really has happened - I've made a note of the tv we've watched, or what we've eaten. Just a little something.

Next my phone! .... Without it, I'd be well and truly lost.  I use it as my camera every day - but I also take a photo every day, on the Project 365 app. I've found that even the most mundane of my days has given me a photo opportunity and something to add into my album when I don't have much to show.

Instagram. I'm obsessed. I don't do Facebook much but I love Instagram, and I've not only made loads of friends via it, but I've got a stack of photos that I take and share, to use from it. Its also offers great inspiration as others I follow share their Project Life layouts.

I love certain sites too for inspiration; Pinterest of course, You Tube, and also Two Peas for their free weekly PL videos (although, I'm not sure they're continuing it for 2014).

Another thing that's helped me is subscribing to Studio Calico's Project Life kit. I love it.  I don't really have any of the official Becky Higgins core kits; as I do tend to cut my own papers up - but in the last 6 months of last year, I started subbing and I did find it helped me so very much, it made it all so much quicker. So maybe this year, an official core kit or two may just fall into my shopping basket while I'm browsing some online stores.

My last thing is something I'm copying from my lovely Instagram Friend Ginger .  Its putting a weekly marker on my phone for all my pictures ... (oh, don't forget to download often, I lost a week of photos last year, when the software upgraded) Anyway, I'm going to be using the Rhonna Designs App. It is amazing. I'm loving it. Still a long way to go in learning all its features, but I can see that I'll also be using some of the images from it in the album.

So there you have it, just a few things from me, that's helped me keep on track. I'll be back at a later date to show you how I'm sorting my Project Life cards and embellishments. Its something I'm working on at the moment and keeping my fingers crossed that the idea of what I have in my head, actually works in real life lol.

Last years book ... Gotta love Martha Stewart products
Another Martha Stewart book
Instagram and Rhonna designs app ... a match made in heaven.