Monday, 1 September 2014

Yipppeeee its September

Good bye August, you were fun ... but yiiiiiiiiiipppppppppppppppppppppppppeeeeeeeeee its September.

I love this month, and this month is even better, as I celebrate my 23 years and 324 month birthday (don't bother reaching for the calculator, yes its my 50th) lol.  

So here is my round up of August

A lot of time spent with good friends, some baking, and some scrapping too, and of course time spent at the little house. Also, a visit to the dentist for me, a hospital appointment for Simon, and back on the de-cluttering band wagon, in a BIG way .. All in all, not a bad month.

But onwards and upwards, and all things September. Other than my birthday (ssooooooo excited), we're also having a little party to celebrate with friends. I also don't feel bad about starting my Christmas planning from now - but one of the most exciting things, is we're off on holiday.  Its been over 6 years since our last trip, and we can't wait.  So please excuse my lack of blog reading this week, but I'll be back on track soon.

Before I go, I want to share this little book I'm using this month to celebrate all the fun things; I can just keep it close by and jot down all the memories of this month. I think it will be a fun extra in my project life album.

Ok, back to packing .... I think I've got way too many dresses on the bed, ready to go in the suitcase ... better do a re-think. Or maybe just remove some of Simon's things.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Me on a Monday

Well actually, yesterday to be fair.

Today's photo of me wouldn't be a happy one for sure. I've just got back from the dentist ... so have a numb and lopsided face.  The problem is, I'm not good at the dentist (touch wood), I hardly ever have to have anything done, but when its done its a drama!  So the root work I'm having done at the moment has to be done in stages (again, only because I'm a total girl at the dentist and freak out).

Anyway, my photo is from yesterday, when I tried out the cooker at the little house for the first time with baking.  Going to take me a while I think, I'm not used to having a neff oven, and only one oven at that. Got to get my head around it either heating at the top, or the bottom, or something else it does, which is very fancy. Either way, I'm not complaining, I do love it, and I always feel like I'm in the Bake off, as its the oven they have on the show, where the door slides inside on itself .... so cool :)

Enjoy your week dear friends, and I think I'm going to make myself a coffee now, and go and sit up in my craft room for a little while.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Postcard Love

How does she do it? .... Tell me? How does the lovely Sian come up with such great ideas? (wouldn't you just like to get inside her head and borrow some of that creativity lol)

I was lucky to get into the latest brain wave of sending and receiving postcards. I know a few weren't so lucky and missed out, so I'm counting my blessings on this one.

Well here they are; my lovely postcards from the Its a Pile of Postcards Exchange (I giggle every time I see the hash tag on instagram)
I love them all, and yes, they're going into my project life album for sure ... with they're own spread. What fun it was to receive them, and even one sent from the lovely Ruth, while she was actually on holiday! 

Thank you again Sian, for such a fun idea. I'm hoping to try and find all those that sent them to me, and make sure I read their blogs, and thank them.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Goodbye July

What a busy month July was, one of real lows and happy highs, and when I look back it all seemed to happen so quickly.

It started with the 3 year anniversary of losing Mum, a lot of sewing was done this month ... from the little house being a building site, to us moving back in. Simon's Mum spent a weekend with us in Epsom, we also attended the Farnborough Air Show; lots of furniture up-cycling and our 26th wedding anniversary ... yup, July you were full speed ahead. Please August, be just a tad slower.

Have a great week friends.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Me on Monday

The last few Monday's have been a tad stressful, but that's all over now, and the workmen have left the building!

So here I am ... Me on this Monday :) in my GORGEOUS kitchen in the little house, which I love to bits, so its been sooooo worth it.
This week is all about sorting and organising, and unpacking of boxes ... and I love it.  It's also our 26th wedding Anniversary. Can't believe our party was a year ago already.

I will share more photos soon. Have a great

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Sew clever

That hubby of mine is too clever for his own good :)

I'm busy sewing curtains and blinds at the moment for the little house, and I know its crazy, but its that first cut that scares the life out of me. I mean, fabric isn't cheap, is it? And I'd hate to make a mistake. So I spend more time worrying than doing anything.

Anyway, he came up with a great idea. Now there is a reason I hoard anything and everything ... And Simon found his old t-square in the shed, and along with some tapes that I got from IKEA (I'll explain about those in a minute). He spray glued one tape to the t-square and voila ... I have a straight line and no faffing around worrying if my tape measure is straight.

Now the reason I have so many of these paper tapes is, while wandering around IKEA the other day, Simon picked up these tapes, (which are by the note pads and little pens you get to write down the aisles). And said, why don't you spray glue one of these to the edge of your craft desk and then you'll always have a measure there!  See, told you he was clever lol. So I took a few and once I've set myself up at the little house with a craft desk or cleared the one presently covered with yummy stash, I'll show you a picture.

As for the little house, lets just say, things took a whole lot longer than we expected but the last builder left this past Tuesday. Which was way over due, as our carpets and furniture came back the previous week. But that's a story for another day, and I will share some photos with you in the next few days. We're still unpacking boxes and I'm moving things around, but oh WE LOVE IT TO BITS, its even better than we thought.

OK, back to my blinds.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Watching Paint Dry

Watching paint dry has never been as exciting as it was yesterday at Gorgeous Gerties. I attend a chalk paint effects class, oh and loved every minute of it. The class was taken by Simon, who owns the shop next door called Shabby Chic Country Living, where you can buy the paint.

Back in the 80's I did every paint effect I could ... sponging, dragging, stippling, stenciling ... you name it, I did it. And I truly never thought it would be back in fashion. But chalk paint has taken off and in a big way, I think its because it doesn't need any primer or sanding and can paint virtually anything.

I have used Annie Sloan chalk paint, in the past, but never really got to grips with it, I found it really gloppy and thick, and I never really achieved a look I was happy with. So if I'm truly honest, I never really expected to be that impressed with the paint we were using at the class, I just really expected to learn maybe what I had been doing wrong. Instead we painted and stenciled a tray, used two different paint colours to get an effect, played with distressing techniques, used Copydex to get an effect, crackling, glass stenciling, oh and so much more.

All I can say is, I can't wait to start painting the furniture for the little house ....The paint we used was Grand Illusion Vintage Paint, and its brilliant! It almost has the same consistency of an emulsion but oh the uses are wonderful - with varnish, you could even use it outside.

So if you've got some old furniture you're thinking of throwing out, try giving this paint a go (and I believe you can by tester size paints.  Anyway, here are a few photos from the day.

These were our practice boards, where we learnt distressing techniques and varnishing

Started with a blank tray

It had a base colour and then copydex in areas that I wanted distressed
Voila, finished article with copydex removed ... next time I'd distress more along the edge, but I'm happy with the finished article that's for sure. 
oh and of course it was held at Gorgeous Gerties ... and they did what they do best .. Cake :) 

All in all, I had the most fabulous day, and I can't wait to start experimenting on furniture.