Monday, 3 August 2015

And that was July

Goodness, the months are flying by.  Each week I do a marker for my photos to keep them in order, for when I'm printing out and catching up on Project life, and can you believe it ... we're already going into week 32 today.

So here you are, a quick glance at what July meant for me.

Of course, lots of days out with the bears; a few trips to the vet as first Bertie dislocated his toe and had to be x-ray'd, then Molly was very sick with a stomach bug.  We also moved my greenhouse out, as we have having to renew some fencing at the back. We had dinner with our lovely neighbours again (hoping it becomes a monthly event).  A little Emma Bridgewater may have been ordered during their online sale and my darling friend Sue came over.  Sue is someone I've known the longest and although we don't see each other a lot, she's such a close friend, and I feel like we've never been apart.

Other snippets; Simon went to Fortnum & Masons for me, and got me my favourite Jam. Rose Petal; they only sell it for a month or two, so he stocked up. Some time was spent at the little house; dog training classes came to an end for the summer and the decluttering continues; I had an emergency dental appointment.  Oh and lots of coffee and chatter with friends was had.

Another lovely event that July bought with it, was our 27th Anniversary. So we put the camera on timer ... grabbed a puppy each and took a family portrait.

Ok, lets see what August has too offer.  I don't think its going to be as busy, but we are continuing with our decluttering, and we're hoping to have a new patio laid, so you never know.  I'm just hoping to sun shows its face some more.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Love & Hate

While the bears are sleeping, I thought I'd take the opportunity to catch up on some blog reading ... and the lovely Louise, over at Boys, Bugs and Beautiful Buttons  had a really interesting post up.  Its all about naming 10 things you love and 10 things you hate. 

Of course that got me thinking, so here you are Louise, my 10 

10 Things I love 
  1. Our Home. I'm a real homebody 
  2. My gorgeous Family, yup, I am the luckiest person in the world to be married to the man that I am, and of course my gorgeous bears. 
  3. Coffee
  4. Tea
  5. Cake
  6. Friends .... they sort of go well with 3,4& 5
  7. Pretty Summer dresses 
  8. Drooling over gorgeous crafting goodies
  9. Instagram ... I'm obsessed
  10. Magazines. I dread to think how much I spend on them a month
Ok, and the 10 I Hate

This one is proving a little hard; as it sort of revolves around the same thing. 
  1. Rudeness
  2. Bad Driving
  3. Not indicating when drivers turn
  4. Litter
  5. Bad Manners
  6. People that talk to loudly in public and want everyone to hear them
  7. Inconsiderate Parking
  8. Flying Ants (yesterday there were loads out) 
  9. Rain during the day, when its meant to be summer (Yes, I am looking out of the window right now at the rain) 
  10. Realising that my mug is empty and I've drank my tea, 
Thanks Lou, this was fun ... maybe I'll do another list like this in a couple of months, to see what has changed, or what I'm loving and disliking then. 

Ok, as I can't blog without a photo .... Let me leave you one of My gorgeous family, and I'm off to make myself another cup of tea now x

Look at the love Daddy gets when he comes home from work lol

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Monthly Catch up

I love taking photos ... obsessed, you could say. I signed up to the project 365 app about 4 years ago, and I've been using it ever since.  Taking a photo a day has never proved a problem for me, its which photo to use that usually is.

I also love seeing the month at a glance ... even now, I often scroll back and see what was happening this time last month, or even last year.

What I have realised is that for the past two months, I forgot to upload to my blog ... so here is May.

Of course most days are filled with the bears. but it was also a month of a new Royal baby; voting day, getting a new little car (which I adore) dinner out with our friends and neigbours; breakfast with good friends and summer showed its face.  All in a all, a good month.

Then June came and went

Lunch again with neighbours; the bears had their operation, the BIG declutter started, we said goodbye to the TT and we attended more training classes for the bears.

Of course more coffee outings with friends and even some catching up on Project Life.

As you can see the past few months, I've been really fortunate to have my friends around me. Even more lucky for me, is that my friends are actually my neighbours and I see them regularly.  But a few months ago, when I was really struggling with the bears, our Vet gave me the telephone number of a local lady who has two Fox Terrier puppies.  They're a little older than mine, but the vet thought she might have advice for me.

Little did she know, that they gave me the number of someone who has become such an amazing friend. I knew we would hit it off as in our first text messages to each other she talked about coffee and cake! ... Well, that was me hooked.

I'd like to share with you a photo of her two little munchkins ... believe it or not, one is called Bertie and the other is a Mabel.  Wouldn't it have been funny if it was Molly.  They are the sweetest little pups and although naughty from time to time, I'm really hoping my two start to behave as well as these two.

There it is, the past couple of months. They've been busy but fun.

Friday, 17 July 2015

Full Steam Ahead

After all my ... "lets get this show on the road" type of post last time. I seem to have forgotten my little blog. But that's not to say things haven't been happening behind the scenes.  Far from it in fact.

Firstly, and this comes with a warning! .... I bought a book by Marie Kondo, called, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying : A simple effective way to banish clutter forever. Well, firstly, I feel I should warn you that if you do buy this book (and it's fabulous). It consumes you. It really does. It's all about pulling everything out and the shock value that, that in turn brings you. You then hold ever item and decided if you really need it.  If not, let it go. Even if its something you've never used, and that's where the guilt we have comes in. You need to thank it (I've not done that lol) and let it go. It served its purpose and made you happy, but now you don't need it.  Clothing is where she suggests you start, but as I'm pretty good at clearing out clothing with the seasons, I didn't start with that.

Before I show you what I did start with, I should explain that we've made a few changes at home.  We have a dining room at the front of our house, which has lovely large bay window. Well the last time we used it was Christmas dinner ... and the time before that, probably Christmas or Easter. So it really wasn't being used properly. Now Simon has a small home office with his computers in, that doesn't actually have a window, and my craft room is upstairs. So as I'm not as keen on being in there when Simon and the bears are downstairs.  So we have decided to put both rooms into the dining room.

I know ... BIG shock, isn't it! and although its still in progress, Its a 1000 times better.

I even cleared the bookshelves

Our charity shop must dread me pulling up and parking outside.

So there you are, this is what I've been up to so far.  I will try and get some of the finished shots soon, but like I say, its still in a work in progress.

Almost forgot, I did move along slightly, and did our kitchen utensil draws too. Tell me, why did I have so many graters!!!

I'll leave this post as that for now, but I will be back soon, as I've realised that I've not shared the past two months project 365 goings on, and its been a busy few months.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Quick update

Goodness, where do the days go?

I've been trying to do a catch up on blog reading, but I'm falling so very behind. Then I feel bad about doing a blog post myself. So I think in order for me to move on, I may start reading afresh tonight and not panic about catching up.

So here we are; May already. I often worry about time flying and I'm not achieving much, but at the moment, I'm just happier that it means one day closer to summer.  I can't tell you, how fed up I'm getting at trying to toilet train the bears in the garden when its raining and cold.

Still, we're getting there ... they are without a doubt. GORGEOUS.  A bit of a handful to say the least, but with the weather getting better, it means some of that puppy energy is being released in play and these two can chase each other around the garden for hours.

April, was a good month, I started my organisation (only to find the draw dividers I bought were too small). We had some hot days which meant summer clothing. The bears went to the groomers, not to be groomed, but to get used to the noise and smells. Their first cut is happening later this week.  Also, we finished at puppy school, which to my embarrassment, just after Bertie got his rosette, we were asked to leave as he wouldn't stop barking!

 April, also bought me a new haircut.  I had a good couple of inches chopped off and much prefer it. I may even go a little shorter at the next cut.

There it is, a quick catch up from me today, while the bears are sleeping.  I will try my best to blog more and not leave it so long. I even managed a little scrapbooking at the crop last week, so you never know a layout might be shown soon.

Thank you too, for all the lovely, lovely comments I had on my last post.  It really does mean the world to me to have such wonderful friends that understand and accept me. xxx

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

A Fresh Start

With this beautiful weather we're having at the moment, my mind has been mulling over changes that I really need to make.  A spring clean if you like, of my home, my style, my life and my blog.

So firstly, I apologise for not blogging much recently, or for my lack of blog reading & commenting lately; I'm sure it won't come as any surprise for you to read that my life has been turned upside down by two furry puppies.

I'll be honest! I've struggled. They're hard work and full on, but they're also loving and fun to have around (when they're not squabbling). But this also brings me back to changes I need to make.

My blog used to be my crafting projects mainly, but this is happening less and less these days, and one of the reason, I suppose I don't blog ... I just don't have anything to share.  Now, I'm not saying I won't be crafting anymore; but other things have been taking my fancy recently. Which is where the change will be happening. I did ponder closing down this blog or at the least just keeping it for crafting, and then start a new blog, but after chatting with a couple of friends, I've decided to keep this one, and see how it goes. (hence the new heading lol)

OK, First up ... Me.  Over the past few months, I feel I lost who I am. I've lived in jeans and tatty clothes and I hate it.  I don't know the last time I painted my nails, and I know that's not a big thing ... but its who I am.  Some may remember, I said recently, that I needed to find my style again; so now is the time to do it. After my birthday last year, Simon and I joined Slimming World, and I have to say, I love it.  I can eat rice, pasta and potatoes ... Simon can still have meat and bread, so its really fitted into our life. Well, a few weeks ago, I'm happy to say I reached my target weight. Yes, running around, cleaning up after 2 pups certainly helped. So nearly all my clothes no longer fit; and I'm forever hiking up my jeans and putting new holes in belts. I'm not really even a jeans person, but I seemed to have lived in them, as they have pockets for dog treats, and plus when a dog is hanging off your leg, it doesn't hurt as much as when you're wearing a dress. But enough! .... Time to find a stylish me.

Next up; our home.  The little house is looking amazing. Yes, it still needs work, but its all shiny and new, so that sort of puts our main home to shame. So I've decided it needs bringing up to date more and a good organisation and clear out.  I still have boxes and boxes of my parents things here to sort though and even here, I seem to have lost my mojo.  This was the first year, I never actually decorated our home for Valentines or Easter. I have lots of painting plans and makeover ideas ... and it just generally needs a good sort out and clean.

Organisation! .... I used to be a bit of a nut about it; but open any draw now and it will be a mess. Plus we spend more time looking for things than ever. I'm late with birthdays these days; well that was never the case.

Cleaning! ... I have a tendency to be a little over the top. Well, I did used to; but this is another areas, I seem to have lost my way in. I need to start and work my way through rooms.

Cookery; That is probably the only area that seems to have improved, and I'd say that is down to slimming world books, but I still want to improve this area of our life too.

Gardening; yup, I've certainly been spending a lot of time in the garden. Not actually gardening, just walking pups around saying; "be quick" or "do your business" ... neither of which has helped the lawn or plants lol.  So this year, our garden needs a complete overhaul and be more dog friendly.

So ... there it is; my plan.  If you've read this much, I'm thankful to you ... but I will totally understand if you need to say goodbye to my blog. Like I say, its going to change; it will be filled more with my everyday journey into this new life, I need to make.  My blog will probably be more like my instagram feed (less so many puppy photos) but its the everyday things I need to concentrate on.  I'll be posting on here my organisational finds; some of my Pinterest links too ... and hopefully even some of my youtube finds.  The reason for me doing this, is my blog will be more like my diary, and will help me find things quicker when I need them.

Please don't feel you need to comment on all my future waffling but I think changing this to my new "lifestyle blog" (I love those words lol) will really help me, and give me the push I need to get my act together and change.  I may post random things on here, so I apologies now, but like I say, its here more as my own personal Pinterest board.

Yes, I'm hoping to still craft; project life, planner and sewing, but I just need the push to get me back into being "me" again.

I can't leave without a photo ... so here was how March shaped up.  Dentist, coffees, friends,bears and a pretty new car ordered.

Thank you all for reading, and honestly, I will understand if you need to remove me from your blog list. xxx

Monday, 2 March 2015

Goodbye February

Each Monday, I do a maker on my camera to keep my photos in order, for Project Life. Well this morning, I was shocked that we were already in week 10 of the year.

So here we are in a new month ... closer to spring, so that can't be a bad thing.

February, you were certainly a mixed month.

The bears obviously took up most of it; they had their first taste of snow, a weekend in their little house, vet visits, training, new tags, and a first walk on the road.

Also February was the month for Valentine, and Simon spoilt me rotten, as usual. With some gorgeous shiny red hunter wellies for dog walking.

Friday 13th, really lived up to its reputation this year. I was having a particularly bad time trying to calm the bears down, so we went to the little house for the weekend; got there to find the heating not working. The floor in the kitchen was starting to buckle, the radiator in the bathroom leaked and then the internal door into the garage, for some unknown reason jammed shut! ....and then finally, the lights wouldn't work properly.  Thank goodness the weekend got better.

We've had a few flood alert texts this month too; my washing machine broke (Simon fixed it) and poor Simon had to have root canal.

On the plus side ... I got to spend the day with friends at a craft show .. and had a fabulous time with Jo and Ruth; I test drove the mini, got some crafting in and oh the bears as much as they're hard work are just the best thing.

So there you have it .... I'm sorry I haven't blog read or commented much this past week, I'm hoping to catch up this week. I've also received my gorgeous postcards, which I'll post about in a later post.

I hope March is a good month for you all .... and I'll leave you with a little photo of the bears.